Les Siler

March 28, 2019

where to start with this guy. He comes off as a very nice, caring and loving person. He makes you fall for him before he even meets you. He’ll tell you his ex-wife is keeping him away from his daughter and that she goes out of her way to make life difficult. HE will have you putty in his hands before the first date. What he doesn’t say is he has a drinking problem. He’ll tell you about his DUIs but none of them are his fault. Their his ex wife’s or someone  else but definitely not his. He’ll use your friends and tell them how you treat him poorly. He lies about the smallest things in order to make himself look good. Watch out if you have a disagreement he will take off to his mommy’s or the bar and not talk to you for days. If there’s a single girl close by watch out. It won’t be long before he has her number. He will come home  love all over you and tell you, you are his world but when you go to get a glass of water he’s texting another girl asking for her picture. He’s conniving and sneaky. He destroys all that he touches. Watch out for this guy he’ll be at your local bar or liquor store. He lives in Big Piney but has lived in Utah, Star Valley, Green River and visits Pinedale often.

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