Lavelle tomlinson aka smurf

September 29, 2019

Lavelle is a dirty broke rott mouth on ssi a schizophrenic drug addict that missed his childs birth in late sept to dog sit a dog named dot or dorothy for a dumb ugly bitch that lives out 222nd while his child was born he wished his child would die he doesnt have drivers license driving around her mustang he has stds and has herpes bumps all over his penis cyst on his face and under his arms he lives in the projects on west 28th in cleveland ohio hes a drug addict has 6 kids doesnt take care of any of them he only has a 9th grade education only gets 700 a month spends it up then broke he uses any woman he can he is on psych meds and drinks and does drugs he will lie on you verbally abuse you constantly call the police making up lies hes on social media always posting lies a bum with one pair of shoes

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