Lara Hernandez — Metairie, Louisiana

This womanLara Hernandez will become your friend, and then use your friendship to worm her way into your marriage and your man. She used our friendship and details I would tell her about my husband to her advantage and twist it around to get her way in. She is evil and her and her husband seem to play this game. They both use cheating as a way to keep their marriage together. After my husband broke it off she went home and lied to her husband who told me about the affair. Her husband then kept calling me and trying to creepily “comfort me”. They also wanted us to sit down and talk to us all together to repair the friendship. This is beyond creepy and it seemed like he was trying to get with me. She is dramatic and such a liar. She is not to ever be trusted. I think that she poisoned me at one time and caused me to have a seizure. I had never had one before or since and was eating and drinking at her house. She will worm her way into your friendship and then next thing you know she is using her husband’s condoms and sneaking into her empty grandfather’s house to sleep with your husband. She’s also not on the pill so be careful.


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