Kylee Minnis — Montana

To start off with this half brained nasty a$$ cvnt comes off innocent and sweet and likes to work her way if being your friend just to go after your man. She has ruined marriages and families and plays all innocent and sweet and acts like she cares. She will start talking about just regular stuff in general and work her way up the later letting sh1t get deeper and deeper. She only has half a brain but sure knows how to use other parts of her body for other things. She also has to cake on her freaking makeup to cover up her acne and the scars from it too oh ya and the ugliness. She loves to flirt and bat her eyelashes for other men while she is a married woman. Stay away from her if you want to keep your man and families together. Was even told by some of her classmates she’s always been a slore surprised some guy married he with as much as she’s been around and the way she flaunts herself. Pretends to be this cowgirl that she ain’t to get the cowboys to look at her. Pretends shes all that with guns and sh1t to get guys attention that way and trying to be a fire fighter with only half a brain. Ya I’ll just let my house burn before I have her try to save it hahaha.


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