Kylee Minnis — Montana

This c*nt right here is the worst person to be breathing on this Earth. She has destroyed so many families and has families to divorce and ruin kids happy lives because she doesn’t know how to stick with her own man and not lure in others. She comes off as being sweet and innocent and uses makeup to look pretty to get your men ladies. She will try to be your best friend and use you to get to your man. She will pretend she likes the same interests as him to get closer to him and spend more time with him. She pretends to like guns and tries to show off with that and she pretends to come off as one of those Montana cowgirls you know the ones that wear blingy jeans and boots and now they are a cowgirl. She also pretends to like fire but what other way is best to get closer to men. Especially when it’s more men then woman here doing that. She’s fake as fake can get. I would let my house burn down before she touched it. She’s just in the way as a firefighter because she has no idea what she’s doing. Talked to some of her classmates and they all said she’s a hoochie and hasn’t changed so ladies you want to keep your man keep them away from her!


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