Krystle Burris — Chowchilla, California

Krystle Burris is a 23 year old who has been messing around with my 30 year old husband. We have been together for almost 9 years and have two children. Krystle came into our lives pretending to me my friend. She was the only girl I knew in town and quickly became my best friend. For the lasy 2 years she’s been having a secret relationship with my soon to be ex husband. She is crazy. She mentioned to me multiple times how she wants to have my job. She tried to get close to my kids and now I found out about her relationship with my husband. She wants a baby so bad. She told me she is “obsessed” with my husband. This little girl begged me not to tell him I found out. She lived with us for a few months, while pretending to be my best friend. She was our emergancy contact for our kids and helped give my husband rides to work since we only have one car. She talks about all the many guys she sleeps with so I’m definitely getting tested soon. -.- She also mentioned before I busted her that she recently had a pregnancy scare. She stated it was with the guy she “was f******” when she was living with me. Stay away from this little girl. She can’t get her own life so she will try to get yours. She’s plain and she smells bad so I don’t see the appeal other than being an easy lay.


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