Krystal Beecher — Brewton, Alabama

This woman is the biggest fraud I have ever met in my life. In 2009 she became apartment manager in Pensacola (oakwood). My then husband was the maintenance supervisor there for year. Long story short.. she had only been married to her husband a very short time frame and had a little boy with him. But she insisted on getting in my ex husbands pants as well. He introduced me to her at events and at the office. I even brought my child to meet her on Halloween dressed up.. not realizing she was sleeping with his daddy. They had divorce packets drawn up and plans to file together so they could get married. I caught several text messages from her telling my ex husband to pretend there was a work emergency during his off time so they could meet up at the maintenance shop to fuck (since there were no cameras). I was told my staff members she followed him around like a lost puppy. After finding out, he claimed he would stay away from her but still had to remain working there. Well it didn’t last long so I left him. Come to find out.. he husband would go on work trips and while he was gone she would have my x husband come to her house and play slumber party in their bed. Something about giving him a blow job in their living room while he played guitar hero. I have reached out to her husband on Facebook messenger but she intercepted it. I told her once I caught them together I would tell her husband. She then claimed it I did her and my x would fuck on my front porch to make a statement. I know she works at navy federal now. Pensacola is too small of a town. And to top off the scandal.. the appartment general manager Barbrah knew about it all. Lied to my face and condoned it and help them hide their relationship from corporate.


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