Kleyve Eliza Rivero — Bronx, New York

Theres a couple I know who’s been together for 14 years who Have a toddler. They were doing great until some old lady decided she was going to throw herself and stalk a 30 year old, to get his attention because she was interested in him. Kleyve Eliza Rivero had previously known him from an old job. One thing led to another she got the attention she was hoeing herself around for…

The guy she was after fell into temptation, he made a mistake (which he regrets with every fiber of his being now) Kleyve Eilza Rivero is Dominican and Puerto Rican, she’s 40 years, older than the married man. She lives in the Bronx, has 3 kids, 23, 18, and 12. ( WHAT kind of example are you setting for your daughter?) This man she messed around with her for a few consecutive weeks. He decided to end it because he realized it wasn’t worth losing his family over and his wife of 14 years when she found out. So he’s working things out with his 28 year old wife. This woman Kleyve is the worst human being that ever lived! She called the wife several times harassing her about what her and her husband did and telling her that how  wathe wife was nothing to him… that the husband didn’t love her and that he loved Kleyve. This woman even went into detail about stuff she did with this man, to his WIFE!!!! (What woman does that to another innocent woman?? Don’t you have a F****** heart??) Sending her texts talking so much shit about the wife’s physical appearance and talking down to her, went on social media posting edited photos of the 28 year old woman bashing her for the way her body looks, because the young woman is into fitness and is a personal trainer. Meanwhile this old a$$ has had breast implants which one of her friends confirmed, lipo of her stomach, sides, back and arms, and also did her butt. She would send pics of herself to the younger woman to try and taunt her about having a bigger butt and looking better (what 40 year old with 3 grown kids does that?) She still won’t leave this man alone. She’s shown up to his jobs, prank calls him from several different numbers and texts him, harassing him, threatening him with BS so he can leave his wife. She’s posting old pictures of them on HER Instagram so that her co-worker’s that know the guy can think they are together. It’s been months and this woman won’t give up! From what I’ve heard she’s done this to other men and one who was also married or in a long term relationship. She’s crazy, she’s a psychopath. She called the wife after all the BS she put her through to apologize and make amends, said she was gonna leave the situation alone and move. To only then start the same harassing crap all over again a few day’s after that. She’s insane, she needs freaking help. How can you pretend to live a life with someone else man WHO DOESN’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU! Who goes around stalking friends and followers of a man who is not yours? Randomly asking females who are they? When your not his wife? I feel bad for this couple because they are great together, they’ve shown they can handle anything and still stick together, but when you purposely do bad evil things to try and break up a marriage just because your a selfish, miserable, bored human being it’s disgusting. It’s appalling. It’s immaturity at its finest and she’s the type of woman that give us all a bad name! Like seriously come on!!!!! How on earth can you live with yourself knowing your spending your God given life to ruin someone else? To try an break up a family? Just because you knowingly dealt with a man who was married! Even after finding that out… you pursued him even harder and harassed his wife?????? His Friends? THIS IS JUST A GAME TO YOU BECAUSE YOU’VE DONE IT MORE THAN ONCE OR 2X!!!!! You should be locked up in a mental hospital. May God have mercy on your dark, disgusting, sick, perverted, twisted, lying, low life, awful black soul. KARMA IS DEFINITELY A B***H AND SHE’S COMING FOR YOU…


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