Kimberly Duenez — Austin, Texas

So this waste of air and flesh is married to this brother and 4 years ago she cheats on him with his bestfriend, she left him and took off with his bestfriend aborted my his child to be with his best friend. Then when she realizes the best friend can’t support cuz you know shes a money hungry whore so her she comes back crying to her husband she cheated on and stupidly he takes her back. BIG MISTAKE. 2 days ago he goes thru his brothers phone and find out shes fucking his brother! He beats his brother so bad he almost kills him and she knowing he has the proof denies it all, wipes out their bank account, takes their kids and takes off like the coward ass whore she is! We have all the proof and she denies it all!  Now shes keeping the kids from him and claiming she did nothing wrong when it’s all been proven and confessed… once a P*TA always a P*TA… it’s true when they say you can’t turn a W**** into a housewife!


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