Kimberly Bakker – California

Sadly, this old woman can’t cheat, because every man finds her disgusting. I’m sick of this coke w**** hitting on me and all of my friends. She is an embarrassment everywhere I see her. Think of the old women from Grimm’s tales — she has a huge nose and wrinkles — only thing missing is the hairy mole, oh wait… she has that, too. She brags ad nauseum about the pedigree of her PARENTS. Kimbery Bakker, you fat cow, you qualify for AARP, do you really think bragging about one’s family for the over 18 set? She is addicted to BLOW and a complete mess. Add to this a mother who exploits her daughter (fathered by a guy she practically Roofied to get her pregnant) to seem moderately normal. She is looking for any rich guy. She’s been looking for 30 years!!!


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