Kerrianne Maloni — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Everyone meet Kerrianne Maloni. She works at Extended Stay hotel where my husband of 3.5 years, our 2 kids, and I were staying. She knew we were married and had kids together. When the kids would be up in the middle of the night I would go get coffee and would talk with her to pass time. When I’d make food I would even offer her some as well. My husband had told me she’d save muffins behind the counter for him and that she was pretty ditzy an I didnt think much of it. Things seemed to be fine an then all of a sudden my husband told me something wasn’t right and didn’t know what was wrong but that he wanted to fix it.

I asked if there was anyone else an he said no. We had put money down on a truck and I had to leave to come sign my part of the paperwork or else they were going to sell it to someone else. He came home and took the truck back to PA when he had to go back but acted like we were fine. Before he left I saw a text message from her and because I knew he had a long drive I didn’t say anything. Day after he got back, he ignored me all day and I confronted him about her and he first tried to play stupid and then came clean after I told him I saw the text. Said she was irrelevant to what was going on between us. Then said he was at the point where he didn’t wanna fix us, admitted to having sex with her after he got back, and wanted to get a seperation over the phone. He said nothing was her fault that she told him no in the beggining. She then sends me a message on Facebook saying that she told him no cuz he was married and he kept pursuing her. Said he came into her other job at Buffalo Wild Wings alot and that she finally went on a date with him and that neither regretted anything. Asked why I would want to be with someone that doesn’t want to be with me but wants to post how people don’t take marriage seriously anymore and that it’s till death do us part not till things get hard. Then said I was being childish and if I wanted to talk to her to do so thru my husband cuz I was too immature to be an adult and then blocked it to where I couldn’t respond. She wanted to post stuff on facebook about them and both got butthurt when she was blasted on facebook for being a HOMEWRECKER and she deleted me off my husband’s acct. When he came home this last time he was apologizing and saying how he loved me an wanted to work things out but couldn’t ask that of me. Went as far as saying he was going to end things with her and work on himself to figure out what he wants. Said he thought he’d be ok with seeing me with someone else, but isn’t and wants to be the one to teach our two kids stuff. Wanted me around him the whole time he was here and pushed me to have sex with him. He’s still posting stuff with her and even got his nose pierced with her. It’s a blessing in disguise so thanks for letting me have an opportunity to find someone that’ll truly love me and our two kids. Watch out, she may try to take your husband next when you decide to go to her work.


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