Kenny Jackson — Hamilton, Montana

Kenny Jackson is from the shallow end of the gene pool. He was introduced to MARRIED Stefani at his church by a “friend”, who knew Stefani was married and that her husband worked out of town. Stefani started grooming Kenny who fell hook, line, and sinker for her lies about her husband being abusive, about her husband cheating on her, about her husband always leaving her and her “special needs children” (in reality: they are NOT) and her desperate struggle. While her husband would drive hundreds of miles for work Kenny would sleep in their bed, help her with her kids, etc. He basically moved in and played daddy on the days the husband was out of town. When the husband returned, Kenny would leave their house. They got rid of all of the husband’s belongings on one of his trips, at some point took out a life insurance policy on him. Kenny and Stefani did all of this with her two kids watching. These two are nothing more than liars, cheaters and frauds.


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