Katy Salony (Katherine Broderdorp) — Newark, Deleware

Apparently, this woman randomly messages good looking married men, targets them actually. She starts with listening to them vent about their wife who cooks, cleans, takes care of everyone, manages the finances, makes all the doctors’ appointments, works 80 hours a week, and even babysits for her friends for free so they get some adult time out too. She tells this wife’s husband how much she would never leave him, never allow him to feel lonely, how much she desires him, and loves him, and wants to be with him. Not even once considering the fact that his wife is even lonelier now because he’s giving all of his attention away… she convinces him to move to another state, breaking up their family, making the wife look like the bad person because she eventually separated from her family. She opens her house, her mouth, her legs, and gives him everything he thinks he wants… until he realizes she wasn’t it. She convinces him his wife is worthless and all attempts at reconciliation of a 20 year relationship, 15 year marriage are nullified. Karma of a lifetime is wished for them…


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