Kathleen Shockley — Boca Raton, Florida

This woman Kathleen Shockley pretended to be my friend and wormed her way in on our family vacation. She started off having our sons as friends and hanging out with the boys. She wanted to go on my family vacation to be with my husband. She would call and text me and hang out like nothing was happening. She would have my husband at her house when her husband was at work. She’s a horrible evil person. She’s married too! How could someone look me in the face and be my friend while sleeping with my husband! She’s only 26 and has mommy and daddy do everything for her, even though she’s married! Kathleen Elizabeth Shockley Lewis… I know she has done this before. I only wish someone would have warned me before I became friends with her. How could someone be that cold. Stay away from the boca children’s museum. That’s where she gets her prey. She pounces on the men that bring their children there. She doesn’t care if they are married.


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