Kathleen M. Post — Scottsdale, Pennsylvania

Kathleen M. Post lives in Scottsdale, PA and is a HOMEWRECKER who tried to have an affair with my husband by trying to instigate problems in our relationship. She met him through work and flirted shamelessly with him by email and text trying to get him to meet her. She knew he was married and had a child but that didn’t stop this tramp in her tracks. Even though she’s divorced with kids. Probably just trying to rack up spousal support. She is a local Wanna be actress who is the director at the Geyer theatre in Scottsdale… wouldn’t be surprised if she slept her way into that role as well. She pretends to be all religious but if she was she’d know better than to try to bed another woman’s husband. Beware she’s been divorced so she’s not new to the game. I confronted my husband and he denied her vehemently like the nothing she will always be. Don’t let her near your husband she can’t be trusted.


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