Katharine Crawford — Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Gets a man to knock her up, marries him, is living with the next guy within a few months before the ink is even dry … getting knocked up again and doing the same thing. Multiple baby daddies.. kids going from man, to man to man no stability. Teaching them the sl*t life… she’ll keep breeding for more child support trick a guy any way she can into getting her pregnant so they feel trapped… then f**k another guy the second the baby pops out and move in with him so she never has to support herself. She’ll sell everything you own just to make herself money saying it’s for the “family”… she’s getting enough money off their child support.

Her current victim is Kurt Spotz jr. Won’t be long before she’s having his kid too he has a house, job he had stuff for her to start selling. Beware and run as fast as you can from this wh**e before she gets your semen in her and you too are chained to her for life and she’s passing your kid around from one man to the next… those kids should be taken from her.. moving them in with strange men… offering herself up to anyone who will give her a place to sleep. “Works for” Waterford fire and rescue… really just lives off child suppport and wants more kids to make more money… don’t fall for her schemes … pay for big weddings get your friends and family to buy her gifts so she can fuck another man and be gone within a few months with your child.


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