Katey Bancroft — Fitchburg, Massachusetts

This sad excuse for a female, likes to pursue/flirts and seduce men regardless of their marital and/or relationship status in exchange for drugs (cocaine or heroin). She claims, she’s “clean and sober” and has been in a relationship with someone for 6 years. But sadly she has boned her way thru many of the townies of Ayer, Shirley, Leominster and Fitchburg while “Vince” is at work. Quite a few in his bed might I add. There’s a joke about his bright purple bedroom walls. Her social life is her business until she began passing HIV and chlamydia around. This party girl is not a fan of “protection” it apparently is less sensational. She also is known for needle sharing and has HEP C. She frequents Main Street, Fitchburg ” while Vince is at work” sticking her head in cars that pull over. Either shes got a lot of friends who she bum rides off of or theirs some arrangements being made. She has robbed/ Ripped off pretty much all her family and friends. She’s owes some of them as much as $2,000. Gains great pleasure in destroying marriages and relationships. Will create ghost numbers to harass significant others and plays a victim role. Has sent multiple guys a picture of the same ultrasound claiming they are the baby daddy trying to blackmail money out of them. She’s sweet and innocent when her boyfriend, VInce is around, being so bold that she introduces some of her “Clients” to him as friends. Has multiple social media accounts one for family, one for who she hooks up with. She has 4 tinder and a plenty of fish accounts, under different aliases. *** Here’s the kicker, supposedly shes got kids that nobody has seen for 9 years.


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