Kassandra Koser — Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

This is Kassandra Koser… she also goes by Kass Lynn, Kassie Burton. She sought out her male coworkers and started several flings at work. She did so while she was engaged, telling all of them her fiancé was abusive and had PTSD. She also told them she was suffering from cancer, seeking sympathy & attention because she’s nuts. She gave a married coworker & other coworkers blow jobs in her company car, as well as had sex in the same company car. She is supposedly a “safety director” was hired to make sure work sites are safe, but is too busy getting nailed to even care. When confronted she acted like the young entitled wh*re she is, she didn’t even care how it affected her married coworker’s family, and she lied to her fiancé about the number of affairs she had as well as the number of times she cheated. This young “professional” as she likes to call herself is nothing but a Home Wrecker.


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