Kasity Swaringim — Arnold, Missouri

I can’t even list just ONE. A friend of mine who worked at this store a few years back dealt with these sluts constantly throwing themselves at him even when he told them no. It has been over 8 years and that store STILL has problems with disgusting women who think it’s perfectly acceptable to slime all over men with girlfriends or even wives. It’s not just the lifers but it started with one, a baby daddy shopper called Kasity Swaringim who would get with one man, and then go to another like she was looking for somebody to save her. She did this 4 or 5 times! Heather is newer but attempted to hook up with a man who finally had to plaster that he was taken all over the place just to get her to stop sliming his leg. It’s not just the ones that work at Walmart itself but also the salon. I have seen a couple of them deliberately going after men they know have girlfriends at home! These women make trouble for anyone who gets in their way and it’s not only Arnold but all the stores in the Saint Louis area. They’re like a disease. Lots of people just look the other way instead of calling it out and I am sick of it. Though they just look pathetic mostly, some men are going for this but when they don’t these nasty skanks don’t stop because they know no man is going to open door them! Nasty! loads of the men here are not much better and make fun of the guys who aren’t going for the low hanging fruit and drink on the job. It’s disgusting.


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