Karthik Gopal – California

This guy is a sick man who claimed himself as engineer and as a matter of fact, his social profile put up on the dating website is shared by a group of scammers. They do catfish and pray on the victims. They put up different dudes’ pictures and once they got the girls’ response, they pulled down the pictures and conducted private chats through different chatting channels, such as whatsapp, Viber, IMO, and ALLO. They send out one of the guys, in this instance, named Karthik Gopal and claimed himself to be a virgin and looking for serious relationship and marriage to lure people into believing him and removing the guard. Then, he will sweet talk on the daily basis with texts and never wants people to know where he lives and drives up to people. He then, takes the victims to the hotel and get them into bed. Once he got what he wants, he starts to move to another city and look for another prey. Watch out ladies, he might even steal your money or properties, or do anything crazy. If you call him, he will never pick up the phone and will tell you that he is mad at you but won’t give a reason. He may have already moved to another city in the U.S. once he gets laid. And the problem is he couldn’t even last 10 seconds when having sex. He has a dysfunction somewhere and that makes him a woman hater. Karthik Gopal is an Indian and most of the Indians in online dating are cheaters and psychopath. They are women haters and are very cheap in dating. In this case, he is even a scammer.


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