Karen Williams — Cheshunt, United Kingdom

Karen Williams of Cheshunt, Hertfordshire deserves the title of biggest home wrecker there is. She befriends wives of the men she wants to pray on to get closer to there husbands. She parades her self up Cheshunt Golf Club in front of all the married men. A clear sign that she likes your man is if she saves him a ‘special plate’. She’s a pig and if she’s dishing it out for free who cares about looks right?? Her speciality is destroying 40 year marriages and then running and hiding from the mess she’s created and sending her daughter out to fight her battles. (What a soldier) poor Karen’s probably on the look out for her next victim as she lost everything due to her antics and now knocking on death’s door as she is  now living back home with mummy and daddy (boo hoo) for all you desperados out there Karen can be found Monday to Friday in Watton at stone pharmacy dispensing drugs! Or plotting to find her next victim! You’ve been warned lock up your husbands this woman is the lowest of the low…


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