Julia Pfiffer — Lewiston, Idaho

Julia Pfiffer worked at Pullman safeway with my husband of 20 years. She has cheated on every man and took them for everything, including their babies! How the love of my life slept with her while his brother covered it up is disgusting! I don’t have a picture of her, but please all women that take a stand to home wreckers, tell her what you think! She may of previously lived in Pullman, WA or Moscow Idaho to narrow down the right Julia since she doesn’t have wh*re tattood on her forehead like she should. Please unite with me and out her like the Home Wrecker that she is! To top it off she is living in my house! How much worse can it get! The hurt and betrayal is unbearable. To all of you that have posted, my heart truly goes out to you! She is very unintelligent so you could address her multiple adulteress behaviors and multiple families she had torn apart just with your intellect.


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