Judy Orona — Tempe, Arizona

Judy Orona started messing around with my father knowing he was married and had children.. she already been divorced for cheating on her husband and then put her claws into my father. My poor mother found out after missing a call from my dad and being left a VM of them engaging in what sounded like intercourse or pillow talk afterwards… I still believe to this day that it was not an accident but done intentionally by her so my mom would find out and confront my dad and for him to leave. Luckily they got through this. She even had the nerve to comment “q guapo” – how handsome on a post that my mom made with my dads picture and love quotes… this was couple years ago but I just found out about this site and all you ladies with hardworking hubbies at USPS Should be aware of this home wrecker…


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