Joshua Balan – California

Joshua is a liar, cheater, narcissist and a manipulator, he will use story of how his ex girlfriends treat him badly and how his parents pass away to gain pity from you. He will also use fake photos of some handsome guy and says that it’s him. While talking to you he also talk and deceive to other girl online that are teenagers using the same method to get romance slowly. But in real life he doesn’t not look like that at all. His phone number is 626 660-7538, his address is 165 E Orange Grove Apt 9, Pasadena CA 91103 UNITED STATES. He’s currently studying at Pasaneda City College. He’s instagram profile is @bakachunibyo and @bakanichijou He’s xbox GT is Baka Joshy,m. He’s FB is Joshua Balan. He mainly catfished online not just me but also the other girls online for nudes to jerk off.


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