Joseph Telaak – California

After spending an amazing night dancing and kissing we closed the bar down and were the last two leave… He and I spent the night together and right before sunrise, he did the walk of shame back to his truck and drove off…. I didn’t bother giving him my contact info, just thinking it was just a fun hookup. After further conversation with my aunt the following day, she told me how he was approached her and told her that he was interested in me and that he came over to her to introduce himself. In retrospect at this point I had thought that he might be a nice guy after all, not just a one night stand and regretted not giving him my number or contact information… I began to think I just pushed a good guy away. He was very sweet, kind, and gentle with me. One of those too good to be true guys! I new he was in town for a wedding and he and the wedding party were going to brunch the next day. So, I stopped by to have brunch myself and decided I’s slip him my telephone number discretely if he were there. He actually wasn’t there, so knowing that he was a SD firefighter I walked up to one of the firefighters getting out of his truck (he had a SD firefighter bumper sticker) and asked him if he know the guy. He said yes, and that he left early that morning to go back with his firefighter buddy and wished me good luck and that he didn’t have his contact information. After looking him up on Facebook I find out he is married!!! I doubt his wife has any clue he’s a cheater! I don’t have the heart to message either of them, but still feel the need to post that this married man is a CHEATER. In the event his marriage doesn’t go smoothly and his wife tries to look him up maybe she’ll see this post… As soon as I begin to let my guard down and think that any guy out that has an ounce of decency left I get screwed by a married man…


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