Jon Swearingen Rancho – California

This kid has repeatedly lied to my face and I have caught him dating so many other girls. He has no job so all he does all day and night is go out with other girls. I caught him red handed. He wants you to think he’s in a committed relationship so he can go hook up and you are sitting at home thinking he’s just “busy”. All he does is go to the gym. He has no friends. So many red flags. He’s complete scum and a loser. He refuses to wear condoms which I’m sure he does with all the girls he’s with. He would be with me and then after he left my house would go to another girls house. Google his name. You’ll find he’s been a douche for years. You can’t even tell he’s lying. I just did some digging and looked in his phone. He was seeing a friend of mine at the same time too! After he told me he wanted a relationship!


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