JOHN E HANSEN of Lancaster – California

Says he’s either “freshly divorced”, single and or separated. Who the hell knows!
Johns primary home is at his family home but does travel for work which allows him to meet more women and hook-up.
Last night we were at a Dodger game and he was trying to Meetup with a new friend near the concession stand. He told me his hip was hurting a lot and needed to walk and stretch. I know this because a friend I set him up. He was running up and down those stairs like a lost puppy. She wasn’t even there!
I got caught up with SOB from a dating site when he was having hard times and like a fool I helped him financially. He’s paid some of it back but I’ll probably never see this rest. This guy has more excuses and lies then ANYONE! and comes across as a workaholic but is likely just lying to free up his time so he can mess with more women and their hearts.


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