Joey Huston — Baraboo, Wisconsin

All I can say is RUN! This poor excuse for a human being Joey Huston, will rope you in with his good looks and charm. Give you false hopes of a future, love, honesty and commitment. His kids can’t stand him, his ex wives (He’s cheated on them BOTH, one of which still has his side chicks coming up to her) His ex fiancee hates him and last I talked to her she denies his existence, and cringed at his name. His many side chicks knew nothing of each other, he’s always kept the same two nastys around Mindy Moon, New Lisbon and Jeni, Montello. He not only is self asorbed, narcissistic and an asshol* but sleeps with men, and never tells the truth. He has stolen from every woman he’s been in a real relationship with. As his credit is very bad. He can’t and doesn’t pay his bills for as long as I’ve known him and bounces from job to job due to a bad attitude. Mooches off of family and women, and always looking for the next best thing. He has an explosive temper and choked his son out in front of our daughter, and his then fiancee Hollys kids. Beware ladies, stay away from this one, he’s after nothing but to use and abuse you, ask ANYONE guy or girl who’s been in a relationship with him. He leaves a path of destruction with any relationship.


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