Joanna Kemmeren — Dixon, Illinois

This “woman” is an officer at the Dixon Prison. She hand picks smart attractive men to work under her and then sleeps with them. One of her recent conquests was married and his wife was pregnant with their 3rd child. Rumor is that she’s trying to get herself knocked up to trap one of these guys but only time will tell if that’s true. She spends her time off sneaking around with this married man but her other hobbies include attending church, being a hypocrite, and searching out her next target. She has such low self esteem that she thinks taking someone else’s husband somehow makes her special and not the piece of trash she actually is. She has the personality of a stale piece of bread and compensates with the only thing she has to offer, sex. Unfortunately at the rate she’s going, her lady bits are going to end up dried up and over used like tuna scented beef jerky and who would want that???


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