Jimmy Santin — Cypress, California

So Jimmy Santin is in the Army, he’s a Sgt. at Sunburst Youth Academy in Los Alamitos. Funny thing is his job is to set youth in a straight path and all that… maybe he should fix his lying problem as well. I met him online and everything seemed fine, except he lied from the beginning. He said he was single, when in fact he had just split from his wife a month or two ago, and had just been served divorce papers from his wife! I found out and confronted him, he claimed he didn’t want to tell me because I wouldn’t have given him a chance… damn right!! Anyways I put it aside, (because I’m an amazing woman who is genuine and kind) and things seemed okay until he out of nowhere started ignoring, stating he was not ready for a relationship, all kinds of excuses and lies because the entire time he was CHEATING! He didn’t confess till after I told him to stop being a coward and just come clean. I was very hurt because I genuinely cared (something he did not) He only used me. Anyways the funniest part is despite all of this, he tells me he doesn’t want me to disappear on him, he wants me around!!! What for? I’m supposed to be like the backup… in case he gets tired of the side hoe? That was the most insulting part, who does he think he is, who does he think I am why should I wait around for after he’s doing being a manwhore he wants to come back and wtf does he think? I have a lot of options, way better options and he’s not worth waiting a second for!!


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