Jim Marchiando – Illinois

The guy is a serious functioning alcoholic, gambling addict, habitual liar and cheater. A lot of problems only getting worse with age! He said to me in the past he preferred married women because he could get them drunk, sleep with them and then send them home to their husbands. He cheated on me before and swore he wouldn’t do it again. I caught him cheating on me tonight with a nightly bar woman in her mid 40’s who looks 65 plus from heavy drinking and chain smoking. He unfortunately has been doing it all along when I am away. She has a boyfriend she met in a bar but when he is out of town or with his kids she spends the night with Jim. He said he learned from his mistakes with the married women but obviously now justifies it with women who close the bars down nightly. Hope it was all worth it. A tiger doesn’t change his stripes. Good riddence!


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