Jeysha Ruiz – New York

Clearly it’s not entirely her fault, because my husband let her in our marriage of 17 yrs, 2 children & a family home. BUT any smart, self respecting, decent woman with values and morals knows not to get involved with a married man with children No matter what problems the marriage may have had! No marriage is perfect AND marriage is work! I hired a private investigator for a period of a few months, repeatedly asking my husband if there was someone else & he kept denying it over & over. When he decided to move out of our home that’s when I went to her house to confront her (all the while thinking she didn’t know he was married with children). Jeysha admitted to knowing my husband was married with children! She’s a grown ass woman that came from a broken & thinks this behavior is acceptable….. your choices have consequences especially when grown children are involved & understand what their father did to their mother & to them. Our problems in the marriage were made worse when he got involved with that Homewrecker


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