Jessy Jones — Buffalo, New York

She has no regard for anyone’s relationships and will push herself into yours to try and get what she wants. That means playing a helpless woman to get what she wants from men and trying to get other married men to be her sugar daddy. She has lied about having cancer to get money and attention, she has lied to cops about “someone” casing her, also for attention on Facebook, she has written herself letters pretending to be a secret admirer and leaves them on her car, and she lies about being pregnant to trap men into staying with her, just to name a few. She is insecure and craves for all the attention, somewhat sad. She stuffs her bra, wears pounds of makeup and can’t keep a job to save her life. Jessy “jayy”, as she goes by on facebook, goes to a club every night of the week and will try to use any name she can to get in and tey to get free drinks.. she has been band from numerous places for using fake credit cards. She will claim the devil is forcing her to make bad decisions so she can claim ignorance in her actions. There is a reason she is as old as she is and no one will stay with her. She will pretend to be whatever you are into so that she can get close to whatever man she is set on. Even if she knows a man is taken she will continue to try and get him to come to her like a game.


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