Jessica Sue Jones — Montana

Jessica is and ex stripper who now spends most of her days in a sh1tty trailer park popping pills and selling drugs to men she will gladly do anything with. The strip club she worked for was shut down for floozy. She claims to be married to a man in prison who is totally fine with all the men in and out of her trailer. It doesn’t matter if he’s married, taken or not, in fact that makes them more enticing. When she finds out a man she knows has a woman she will start texting and calling him trying to get him to come get drugs or help her with things. Then she will show him her boobs and do whatever else he will let her. She’s been known to strip and masturbate in front of the police when arrested too. She’s completely disgusting. That’s why she lost custody of her son. She’s litterly crazy. She’s been known to peruse taken men and write their name all over her house and property. That might have to do with the drugs. Either way, keep your man far from her.


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