Jesse M. Pierson — Livonia, Michigan

You have your son play hockey to learn skills and be mentored by good coaches. One day my son had my wife’s phone and this coach of his was sending dirty texts and pictures to my wife and it broke my 12 year old son’s heart. I had told this guy not to do it anymore but he still does. He likes to prey on married women and does not think twice about it. If you sign your kid up to play hockey for this city make sure Jesse Pierson is not one of the coaches. My son is now seeking counseling because he was afraid he was losing his mom. His text messages are so graphic out of the blue send them to my wife that one day my son was playing on her phone and read them. He held all these text messages in in fear he was going to get in trouble until one day he just started crying he hasn’t been the same since. I would love to handle this guy with my own hands but I don’t want to risk going to jail and losing my family.


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