Jerome Strand — Pennsylvania

Fellas – if you see this man around your girlfriend or wife, know that he is trouble. He slept with my girlfriend for almost a year before I found out, but only after being diagnosed with an DRD did she tell me the truth. This man fuks raw and doesn’t care who he fuks and is giving out dRdS  like it was candy. He still lives with his mother and has kids in another state that he never sees. He is complete trash. Ladies – if you happen to mess with this man know that everything he says to you is a lie. He told my girl he wasn’t seeing anyone, come to find out he had a longtime girlfriend of like 5 years and was sleeping with 3 other women at the same time! He is complete trash and will tell you whatever you want to hear to get into your panties. Be smarter than my now ex-girlfriend and realize that he will not be or do anything for you!


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