Jenny Xavier, Valencia – California

Jenny Xavier ( mersha)currently working in Boston Scientific, is a NRI Tamil woman,who lives in Via Belterra ,Valencia, C.A is a serial online cheater. She is a middle aged married woman.She usually creates fake id’s in Facebook in the garb of a feminist and entices young men in wet talks. At first she plays victim of abuse from husband and complains she is repeatedly raped by him and being disrespected and hit regularly. She usually takes cheap shots at him and in the process if any man sympathize with her, she moves on into s*** mode. She sifts to find younger men and starts starting. At first, she says how lonely n wretched her life is , how she is regularly beaten and raped. Then starts to say I have found someone like you and I’m complete. She promises to ditch her husband once her daughter goes to college. Then, she starts her wet talks. Everytime, she induces the man into make her come through phone sex. But when the man asks legitimate questions regarding are you sure ur husband is a monster? She pathologically lies about him and when we ask questions in her narrative, she slowly avoids. Usually says he found out about her and beat her blue. Deletes her fb account n starts all over again. Her husband is a nice and hardworking man.Mr P, who works in UCLA. He provides her with everything. He loves her daughter more than anything. But she character assassinates him. She is simply using him for her Green Card.She intends to ditch him after that.she plays nice wife though. She regularly asks him to take him out for drinks and food. Every weekend, she makes him to take her to short trips and yearly vacations. She is simply bleeding him dry. Her husband is planning to buy a million dollar home and she plays along. But she will divorce him and take custody of her daughter and the house with child support. When he is not around, she wet talks around others and when he is around, she sleeps with him with glee. But complains to others, he lasts for just 2 minutes. I can even divorce him for that but my visa is sponsored by him so I won’t divorce yet. She always obsesses about sex. Bitterly complains he is useless and masturbates alone. But she keeps him happy with blowjobs whenever he buys her drink and food.She also makes him buy expensive gifts. When confronted by me that his husband don’t look like a abuser and actually you are the one who uses him, she ditched me and deleted her account.


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