Jennifer Pecoraro — Tonawanda, New York

Jennifer Pecoraro desperately wants to be married but when she and her BF started dating she knew he did not want to get married again or have more children. She said she was ok with that but as it turns out, she figured she would just change his mind eventually. As the years past she tried to convince him to get married, she started picking things out for her wedding, set up a pinterest board, started using his last name on everything, posted on Instagram that she couldn’t wait to marry into his family. This is not what they agreed on at the beginning, her BF knew getting married wasn’t a guarantee of anything. He didn’t want to get married so she then tried for a baby. He did not go along with her hidden plans and instead of being honest with him and telling him she wanted to get married and have kids or she was done with him, she set out to get even with him. She started confiding in a guy at work, told him she wanted a baby with her BF but the relationship was going nowhere because he wouldn’t marry her. She gave this guy a sob story and then started an affair with him. Turns out, the guy was married and had kids. His wife found out about the affair and Jenn waited thinking he would leave his family for her. When she thought she convinced this guy to leave his wife, she threw it in her BFs face that she was leaving him for a doctor. She was new to nursing and within a year of working in the ER at Mercy Hospital, she was screwing a doctor. Her plan backfired, he didn’t leave his wife and dumped Jenn instead. Jenn then set out to get even with him by going after his wife and kid on Instagram. She’s a lying fake, pretends she wants the same things but in reality thinks she can get any guy to do whatever she wants, when they don’t she goes to extremes to get even, no one and nothing is off limits. Check out the crap she pulled on Instagram and got called out on #PicturePerfectJLP most of this is still on her account.


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