Jennifer McMichael Staines — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This woman Jennifer McMichael Staines was my boyfriend’s neighbor. She pretended to be my friend all the while jealous because she thought they were already dating. None of which I knew anything about until we were already living together and he said he never dated her. She is on disability and heavy medications. She was the fourth fling before we broke up. After witnessing his abuse to me she said he would never do that if he was with her. Well needless to say after moving in together, some domestic violence for-play, him moving out and a restraining order, he said they were done and asked me to marry him. When that didn’t happen I didn’t think about either of them for over 2 years. Well now they are getting divorced and she lost control… he called to ask if I had any of his stuff. I said I hope your wife knows your texting me. His reply “I am getting a divorce…from Jenn.”

Aww damn I had no idea he even went back to her. So even though it’s not true she gets on here to call out HER HUSBAND and says it’s me he cheated with. Sorry but we didn’t even have sex while we were together he was with his h*es… including the six hours a night with you to help you take your ashes out. So you should get your facts straight and stop stalking me and my friends. I’m hundreds of miles from the two of you. Grow up and stop blaming others. You stuck your social working unethical bullsh*t into our relationship. You wanted him, you got him, and it’s not my fault you chose to believe you were so special… he cheated to be with you and in my book your the HOMEWRECKER. Shouldn’t be much of a surprise, no matter how much you try to be like Nicole, that he would find a new toy. Sorry it’s not me so stop stealing pictures from my friends pages and get a life…


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