Jennifer Gonzalez — Turlock, California

It started with my husband going to work early and coming home late. Then his cell phone became his best friend. What was once an unlocked phone all of a sudden became locked with a password. I then decided to start checking our cell phone records. Low and behold I see a number over and over, page after page. I recognized the number somehow so I punched it into my phone. It was his co-worker Jennifer Gonzalez. Who I knew through Lancaster Painting events. Soon they were having lunch together and meeting before and after work after everyone at the paint shop left. One night my husband said he was going to his buddies house to drop off a baseball bat. I texted him at 11 and he still wasn’t home. Later that night I figured out where he was and saw him outside of a bar with her. I confronted them both and my husband told me they were just friends and that her husband was inside. I later found out that he was in fact at home watching their kids. I tried everything I could to save my marriage of 20 years but month after month the phone calls and texts were increasing. I finally got the courage to leave with our 2 kids after he got physical with me and our son and moved across the country where my family lives. But then my husband called and said he wanted to be a family. So he then moved to Tennessee. While he was physically here he had mentally checked out of our marriage. He then decided to go back to California to go “duck hunting”. All the time he was there my friends kept telling me they had seen my husband with Jenny. I kept confronting him but he just kept telling me I was crazy, they were just friends. While he was there he and I got in a argument over the phone about her and I asked him to please make me and Our sons a priority over someone he claims was just a friend. He then told me he wanted a divorce. Well a couple months go by and he is calling me and texting that he misses me and wants to be a family again. He drives back to Tennessee and stays a couple of days and he decides to then leave. A couple hours later he calls to tell me that he was in fact having an affair with her and that he was moving back to California to be with her. Not only did she break up my marriage of 20 years but her own marriage as well. Ladies watch your husbands around this one!!!


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