Jennifer Britt, Red Bluff – California

What a piece of s***…she’s a Meth Head Skank who had the nerve to stay at my home with my husband…being gracious oaks her to leave…so you think that stopped her? She taking advantage of my terminally I’ll husband…the minute I turn my back she’s right there with her hands out! He doesn’t think right because of his illness…she’s just a user…thief – yes she even took my vibrater!!! She looks like a man with red lipstick…looks like she’s been ridden hard for years and out away wet….and is missing teeth!!! OMG she’s caused a train wreck in my marriage and is using the fact the he’s not able to process things right….she’s the lowest of low….white trash….it’s one thing to be a home wrecker…but to do this to a man’s family when he’s terminally I’ll…..just makes me sick


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