Jenn Elliott — Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Jennifer is sleeping with my husband and she knows that he is married. I told her in a text from my husband phone that I was his wife. My children and I are hurt from this affair. She posted a picture of her and my husband on facebook. Thank you for the post it gave me ammunition I am scorch so I am angry as hell and I want her to feel my pain and my children’s pain. You want to destroy my family and take pictures with my husband to show him off with pride. Jennifer Elliott let me see you show this picture and post with pride. How does it feel to be humiliated and expose Bitch? Now it is your turn to feel my rain of hell fire. Please excuse me while I enjoy knowing that you will remember this the next time you choose to sleep with a married man. By the way Carl said you are not his girlfriend you are somebody who he is renting a room from. I know that is a lie, but he does not even acknowledge you. He said you was a mistake that he regrets Carl will never acknowledge you because he knows the moment he does he will lose everything. He does not love you he loves what you do for him. You are a means to an end and nothing more. How do I know this because that is what he told me and our kids and I have a recording of him saying it? Carl said that he did not know you were that nasty your house smells like cats and dogs and you and your daughter is nasty. It will give me great pleasure to play the recording for you.


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