Jeni Kitelinger – Monroe, Wisconsin

This is a juicy one. Jeni Kitelinger is a 35 year old single mom of 3 and she’s not just any town S***. She’s known for sleeping around with minors of both sexes. It’s not like I had any idea about how she is until she and I were together for some time. We met online (go figure). My first clue was seeing her house for the first time. Jeez what a horder!! As a good guy, I cleaned the house as best as I could (if only to make it liveable for myself while I spent a couple nights). If I had the money to change my flight, believe me, I’d have left that night!! Yes, my dumb a** cared about her very much. Then came the a disturbing message telling me that she wants a threesome. She and I did alot of role playing on our relationship, although I didn’t know until towards the end that she’s one of those diaper loving people, but the real disturbing part is that she wanted a threesome with a local minor. I’m sure she cheated multiple times while I was away. I got to know some people that know her in town who told me I dodged a bullet when I dumped her. It’s my hope that this will prevent anyone else from wasting their time on her and hopefully this will save her kids from that house.


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