Jen Vogt — Enola, Pennsylvnia

This gold digger Jen Vogt spreads her legs for anyone who will pay attention to her especially daddy or grandpa figures. Runs in the family her sister married a guy almost as old as her dad. She’s looking for attention and cash but no man wants her full time. She can’t find her own man so takes everybody else’s. She can’t afford her own life either so needs the cash and manipulates until she gets it. She can’t even pay to register her piece of shit car. She doesn’t care who’s life she ruins as long as things go her way but in the end it never does. She doesn’t know cheating men never leave their wives. She acts all innocent to her religious family yet she’s never in church. Men watch out because she’s in bed with so many, no telling what type of disease she has. She will take all your money and demand a full time relationship and to dump your wife. In the meantime you aren’t the only thing she has going. The funny part is she thinks she has this so well hidden yet the word has spread. Her reputation is well known yet she has no idea. She has hurt so many but her day will come and Life will finally bite her in the ass!!


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