Jayne Griffin — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Jayne Griffin is very good at using and abusing people. She doesn’t date people for love, she dates them so they can support her, and the kids she can’t afford to support. She will move in with anyone quickly if it looks like she will profit from it, rather than have to work. She has not only managed to use her multiple boyfriends and husbands, but also has alienated her family. She cannot get along with any of them, unless they have something she wants. She managed to lose custody of her children years ago, due to mental issues, and an inability to support them. Rather than turning her life around, she refused to change, and play the “alienated parent”. She’s clinically nuts, and all of us have learned the hard way to stay as far away from her as possible, regardless of how close of a family member you are. So, unless you want to lose all your money, property and whatever else she feels entitled to, and will help support her loser kids and her. And if that doesn’t work, she will just venture into online prostitution to get what she wants.


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