Jaycee Campuzano is a liar and cheat – California

Jaycee likes to say that he goes out to a lot of business functions because he’s in the banking industry. He can’t bring anyone along because it’s strictly a business dealing. Also carries two phones or more with him at all times because one is a business phone and the other is personal. He’s known for hanging out at Hollywood bars and clubs during the week. He bought a wedding ring for me while seeing other girls and admitting to it while drunk then turns around to say it was a joke. He will go as far as saying someone is his wife while lying behind their back. He’s the worst psychological, gas lighting cheater there is. He also hits then says it’s the other persons fault. Beware of a liar who claims to have money that lives out of their parents house! He also does a lot of cocaine openly and admits it. He’s not a person down on his luck who people that have wronged him. He is a liar. Everything he says is a lie and if you challenge him, he will call you crazy or say you are tripping.


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