Javina Ferreira — San Diego, California

This woman is Javina Ferreira. Married and mother of 3 children. Found out she was texting, calling and emailing my husband. They met in a online dating site and exchanged information. Once she was confronted she called my husband to let him know I had called her and that she had denied knowing him. The genius didn’t know he had confessed and he was telling me everything. She’s afraid I’ll let her husband Mark now what she has been doing behind his back. She even had one of her friends call me saying it was her husband Mark. Which it wasn’t  because I wanted to FaceTime to tell him everything in his face and show him proof of her infidelity. He denied the request. anyways this HOMEWRECKER is married, online, and looking for other men. She doesn’t care if they’re married or not. I feel bad for those kids that have a woman like her for a mother that has no respect for others.


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