Jason Mayhem Miller – California

Jason “Mayhem” Miller… former Host of MTVs Bully Beatdown is now the biggest bully of them all. This former UFC Fighter is in fact a WIFE BEATER who threatens, terrorizes, lies and demands “GIVE ME MONEY.” Don’t believe the lies he spews and promises he makes. He will literally put his d*** anywhere so BEWARE OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES. Mayhem Miller will destroy your life, destroy your property, demand all your money, turn you black and blue AND blame you for it. If you’re a sugar mama looking for a F*** BOY… I’d probably go with someone a lot less volitile. When you see Jason from Mission Viejo on Tinder… do yourself a favor and swipe LEFT. Jason Mayhem Miller is a liar of the worst kind… he believes his own b*******.


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