Jason Mark Bankhead – Arizona

Jason Mark Bankhead “Jay”, Deereguy25, on dating websites, Ex-Mormon who currently lives with a mexican illegal alien who knows very little english and is essentially a slave to him and his needs on his ranch in SanTanValley/Queen Creek ,Az. He is a liar, cheater, manipulating, narcissistic jerk who will say I love you, meet your family, promise commitment. All he does is snow you with his lies. When i met him it was after his slave left him, well he just dumped me to get her back. She serves also as beard to his straight laced Mormon family that he is in a committed relationship while he looks for whatever woman he can convince he loves them to serve his sex addicted ways. Don’t fall for it ladies. Little white house on Surburban Drive. 3.5 acre ranch. Drives an old Green Toyota Camry. Is divorced with 3 children from his previous mormon ex-wife. He and his illegal are


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