Jasom Schorsch — Middletown, New Jersey

So Jasom Schorsch’s wife helped him get custody of his kids, was basically raising his kids by herself. All this while struggling after a life altering surgery to remove cancer. She kept asking him for help with the kids, he ignored her request & kept playing video games like everything was fine. She finally got tired of asking for help & told him if he didn’t start helping her they needed to divorce. Well, he took those words & decided it would be a good time to have an affair with a Kimberley Manning (also posted on here). Slept with Kimberley in the wife’s truck in public parks, at her elderly fathers condo, their marital home & other places.  All this while his wife continued working & raising his kids. Now, after the wife found out about the affair he lied & said the above mentioned w**** was just a friend. After weeks of sticking to his story, the wife found out the truth, then this POS wants to ask the wife for another chance, it was a mistake (a 5 month mistake), I’m sure you get the picture. His wife has been through so much being with him, his psycho ex wife just to mention one thing. He has no heart & definitely no regard to marriage vows. Steer clear ladies, he’ll promise you the world, break your heart & leave you to clean it all up and pretend nothing ever happened.


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